How can technology help memory and emotions with seniors?

Remember when the most technologically advanced thing you had to do was program your VCR?  That wasn’t so long ago. But today, we live in a world filled with (and dependent upon) gadgets and gizmos. They can be difficult to understand, but ultimately beneficial when it comes to staying in touch with family, expanding horizons and possibly even improving mental … Read More

Visiting residents in assisted living facilities have many benefits

There are many things – from nutrition to medication – that we do at Savanna House to improve the lives of our residents. But there’s one thing the family and friends of residents can do to have a lasting impact on their health and happiness: Come for a visit. Even in an already caring, exciting environment like ours, residents can … Read More

When should you consider memory care services?

Losing keys. Forgetting names. Getting confused about times or places. When your loved one’s memory starts to fail, it can be frustrating for them and for you. If the problem is continually getting worse, it may be time to discuss assisted living and memory care services. At Savanna House, we believe deeply in providing personalized care for each of our … Read More

Savanna House offers enhanced dining options


Many seniors entering assisted living facilities imagine their meals will consist of what lots of us were served for lunch in elementary school: a square pizza and a scoop of corn; a thin, hard hamburger and some soggy fries; or some sort of mystery meat and a spoonful of fruit drenched in the syrup from the can it came in. … Read More

When should you consider assisted living?

It’s a conversation none of us looks forward to. But it’s one many of us will have to have sooner or later. As our parents age, we may begin to notice that they can no longer take care of themselves on their own. That’s when it’s time to have an uncomfortable discussion about assisted living options. Here are some tips … Read More

Exercise is key to the quality of life for senior living

As the life expectancy of Americans has increased over the past few decades, there has been some concern about the quality of life for the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers. While certain health issues are expected to arise with age, an active lifestyle can help stave off some of the problems that affect sedentary seniors. And it … Read More